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Now through 11:59 PM 5/27/24

  • What: 50% off everything sitewide including stud services paid in full!

  • When: Now through 11:59 5/27/24

  • Requirements: You must have an approved application by the end of Memorial Day (Monday, 5/27) and be able to pick up your puppy/dog NO LATER THAN June 9th, 2024, at your pre-arranged meeting place determined by us

  • No additional pics/vids will be provided until an application is approved--please view them in the listings with descriptions

  • All dogs/puppies MUST be secured by placing your required reserve fee, as noted at time of application, within TWO (2) HOURS of approval (processing time is usually no more than 2-3 hours from the time we receive your completed app)

  • Reserve fees are accepted through the following methods ONLY-- Direct wire transfer, Zelle, Cashapp, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, or Venmo Friends

  • Absolutely NO HOLDS without a reserve fee (non-refundable)

  • Reserved dogs will NOT be held beyond June 9th, and reserve fees are transferable, but NON-REFUNDABLE, so if you're unsure of the timing, this won't be the fit for you

  • There will be zero exceptions to these guidelines, so please be certain of your decision before participating

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