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FEE $2,000

Blue and Tan Quad Fluffy carry Bb (rojo)

ata Bb nco dd Eme kyky NN l1l4

4-panel Health Clear

Shaggy has proven himself with multiple litters of beautiful, improved versions of himself with the right females. He produces consistently thick, even-tempered, smaller versions of himself with that gorgeous face and head type of his. We are very proud of his productions and look forward to seeing more of his babies! 

FEE $1,200

Lilac Brindle Merle (266)

ayat dd coco EmE Mm 266 nK nS Ll4

4-panel Health Clear

M80 is not only a beautiful, well-proportioned, healthy, and correct boy but an absolute doll. He has one of the best personalities and a mild-mannered way about him. He loves everyone and everything! M80 is a lilac brindle merle carrying tan points, one copy of mask and fluffy (l4). He will add that wow factor to your program, especially if you want to add bone and wrinkles.

FEE $1,200

Lilac and Tan carry cream and fluffy l4

atat dd coco Eme kyky nn Ll4

4-panel Health Clear

Zephyr is a gorgeous boy, a son of our Stormy paired with Yolo. He is thick, compact, and has a great face that he passes to his offspring. He has sired several litters, now, all healthy and lovely pups with great temperaments. He is a stranger to nobody and just loves attention. He is laid back, and an overall healthy, happy guy!


FEE: $1,000

Maskless Coco Tan Quad Merle carry Bb


4-panel Health Clear

Muddy is already elevating many programs with beautiful, consistent litters. He is 4-panel health tested clear, and AKC registered. He is a wonderful, healthy boy, with a loving personality, eager to please. He is an easy breather, and low-maintenance Frenchie. Contact us now to lock him in for services before it's too late!

Studs: Males
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